Weekly Tarot Forecast 1/16 - 1/23


Today we have a collection of cards that are very blunt and straight to the point. For our Current Situations Sector, we have the King of Wands (reversed). Now I know that the New Year has a way of bringing out the "beast" in people as far as work and fitness goals, but you have to be realistic right now and make sure that you don't over assign yourself work or fitness routines. You are setting goals higher than you're able to achieve and this can lead to disappointment if you don't reach them in the manner you want. Set more realistic goals for yourself and you won't create such an emotional monster. Not saying that high goals are impossible for you, but its better to over achieve realistic goals than to underachieve and fail at goals that weren't in your reach to begin with. Remove ego, and proceed forward. 

In our Challenges Sector, we have the Two of Swords representing a very difficult decision that must be made and you're feeling torn between your options. You feel as if you were to just "let sleeping dogs lie" that things will stay as is forever, though you couldn't be more incorrect. You must make a decision even though the outcome isn't apparent, but the choice must be made. Make it now while theres still time, and make it good. 

Lastly, in our Advices Sector we have the Queen of Swords (reversed). Now, if you have a past of being a "people pleaser", this is not the time to continue that way of being. By all means, be nice, caring, loving, and giving. But stop giving to those who didn't earn your attention and care. Stop pouring out resources to those who aren't giving you any in return. This way of thinking and living must come to an end or it will be your emotional and mental demise. You will be wronged many more times, and scorned in many new ways. It will come out in your work and will even affect and throw setbacks into your new realistic goals. If one word were to describe how your attitude should be for this week especially, it should be "Cunning". 

Have a good week everyone. And for a lack of a better term, in summary- this reading is telling you to be a total badass this week. Kick ass and take names. You got work to do. Don't let anyone stop your flow or block your vision. Not this time. Use the New Moon's energy (Tuesday 6:30 pm) to wipe away negative energies, form new alliances, and create new intentions for yourself and your business/work. The financial and success energy is strong right now. USE IT. 


Weekly Tarot Forecast 1/8 - 1/16

Firstly, Happy New Year everyone! I took a small hiatus from work even though the entire time I was still working (but on a super amazing new line of products for you all). So that's why I took 2 weeks away from the frontline of the website, but I'm back! And this weeks forecast is pretty in-your-face and full of powerful messages with ALL Major Arcana's being pulled. 

In your Current Situations Sector we have The Sun representing becoming one of the Wise. And because of this new found wisdom, you are finding it easier to follow your path to true happiness and joy. You're finally opening up your ears and heart to what your soul has been trying to say, so karmically you're being rewarded. There is no greater feeling to you right now. You are feeling as if you've discovered something no-one else ever has. It's an amazingly fulfilling feeling and state to be in at the beginning of a New Year. Celebration, positivity, & success is in the horizon. But there are going to be some trials and tribulations you must deal with that are unfinished. 

In your Challenges Sector we have The Devil. This doesn't mean that the Devil is in your life trying to possess you, this just means that your obstacles still lie in materialism and in your insecurities. You must learn to understand that not everything that glitters is gold, and you should be the first to know this because you know how easy it is to smile and "glitter" but you have tons of questions, problems, and dark thoughts behind that smile. So, apply that same concept to other situations, even if they might be material. They're not real, and won't fulfill your heart and healing process more than staying in your truth and understanding yourself from the inside. If anything, they might be a problem for you in the future in disguise. Leave behind what adds weight literally and figuratively, and lighten your load energetically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with some deep restoring without finances & insecurities taking the spotlight. Instead, think about: What are your strengths? What are you happy about right now? What could you be doing right now to make your current situation even better? Most importantly: How are you feeling right now, and why?

Lastly, in your Advices Sector we have The Tower, reversed. Don't be afraid to fail. Don't be afraid to take risks. Don't be afraid of yourself anymore. What you should be afraid of is stagnancy, no progression, feeling fear for literally no reason, and never finding out what "could have been" because you never "did it", whatever that may have been. Though, understand this. This card also represents an extremely painful event in the horizon, but you will do anything in your power to avoid it at all costs. Instead of avoiding it, go about it differently and do what you would do if you were giving yourself advice if you weren't you. But actually follow that advice. Go with what your gut immediately says, not what denial interrupts you with. And keep mental notes of what you should be learning from this said situation and apply it firmly for future reference. In conclusion, what are you trying to hold back and fearing the most?

See you next week, Mystics!

xo- Chey 

Weekly Tarot Forecast 12/5-12/11


The first card we have here is La Siréne, Congo - 7 representing our Current Situation sector. La Siréne stands in for being called into something as if you're in a trance. Like you have no control. A love for this thing or someone like no other. A vice, a weakness... A decision that must be made to separate from this person, action, or thing, but because you're in this emotional and mental state of denial and trance like love, you draw in even more to be closer in fear that it will one day be lost. But we have a Major Arcana card in your Advices sector, Z'Etoile telling you to see clear NOW, understand your fate and the situation at hand and that you need to separate yourself from dead ends and move forward with lifework instead, NOW. You have the opportunity right NOW to make a clear, safe, and correct decision. You know what this decision is, you have all along, and you should take it before your time runs out. There is no time like the present. Your road is clear, and the Star is in sight. Last but not least, for our Challenges sector, we have Madame La Lune, Congo - 9. You don't want to have to start over. You feel as if, if you were to let go of this vice, whatever/whomever it may be, that you'll be bare. Naked. Too clean. And starting from fresh. Maybe there will be a void you can't fill without it. And this frustrates you. But please know, that this clean slate is what you need to achieve full happiness and organized change. And if you have to feel vulnerable and as if you're back to square one to achieve this level of greatness in your life finally, do it. The cost would be greater if you didn't. Get back to your roots, get back to why you started, understand that where you want to go is no place for these attachments you've been dragging with you. Or better yet, that have been dragging you with them. Detach, purge, and renew. The New Year is upon us, and you need to go into 2018 with your guns ablaze. And you have immense power and advantages in your court right now. Your spirit guides have been bored with you lately because you haven't been still enough to hear them. Use them, and thank them. They will treat you well if you acknowledge their guidance and do not discard their expertise in this life of yours. Your guides know you better than you do. Listen, and you shall gain more knowledge of self every day you're in spiritual silence. Your journey will have much different scenery in the coming year if you can learn to take fear and comfortability out of the equation, and implement spiritual guidance and power. 

Affirmation: "There is no time like the present, and I am present. I detach from all things and people that do not serve me, and I start with ______. It / He / She does not control me. Has no power over me. And has no place in my future."

Ashé, Chey Mina xo

Weekly Tarot Forecast 11/20-11/26


This week we have some dramatic emotions going on. We have the VIII of Swords representing your current situation. This card represents self pity and victimizing yourself. Not realizing ones own power. But we have the Page of Wands standing in telling you your challenges, and that you need to explore outside of your comfort zone a bit since you've been trying to play it safe. But, that simply isn't serving you anymore and its time to switch it up. Understand that there is more to life and your current situations than what you see momentarily. What can you be doing right now that you have never done before? What advice would you give someone else if they were in your same situation? The passion, will, and desire is what you always start things out with, make sure you don't forget why you started this time around. Get back to your roots. Lastly, we have The Hermit as your Advices Card. This is a card of self reflection and seeking inward for guidance. Use this time to separate from outside influences and use your spiritual influences to do some grounding work. Go solo to a yoga class, a hike, a road trip, a cruise, a vacation, gardening, maybe take some sort of class on a subject you've always wanted to learn about, maybe even something as simple as cleaning your home and staying in for the weekend to recharge, whatever it may be, make sure you're doing them alone and creating a bond with yourself. This will be where you discover things about yourself that you didn't know even existed, that will eventually lead you to a path of higher abundance, self love, and happiness. The Full Moon is upon us, so this is a time of manifesting and intent. Be careful with your thoughts and words. Every energy and intention has a consequence. Make sure the energy you want bounced back at you is worth the impact. It could hurt and knock you down, or boost you up to the next level. Your choice. xo

Ashé, Chey Mina