Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading

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Chey Mina is an experienced Tarot reader and has been helping people for years get through extremely tough times in their life with the power of divination. Whether it be a burning question, a pressing matter, a heartbreak, a question about your love life, a curiosity of your career path, or simply a general understanding of what the future holds for you, Chey can help. Spiritual guidance using divinatory tools has been an effective and fool proof way of seeing signs of trouble ahead before it gets to you for thousands of years. So by learning whats in your destiny and being ahead of the curve, you have the power then to change the outcome and be in full control of your life. Chey uses Tarot respectively and her readings are as authentic and thorough as possible to make sure you not only are getting your moneys worth, but your questions answered so you can then find peace, closure, motivation, and happiness at the end of your reading that you did not come into it with. 

Chey is able to do readings via phone or Skype/FaceTime if you are not local (San Diego / Los Angeles). You will receive a photo of your card spread upon completion of your reading as well for your records. If you would like a written description of your reading, please add the READING REPORT option to your order as well. This is a separate service for those who like visual information to reference back to. I highly recommend it for those who want to retain the information given to them in their reading since sometimes there can be a LOT to digest. 

Please fill out form as accurately as you can so Chey can work with you effortlessly and thoroughly. Ashe



***P.S.- If you are ordering a RUSH, please make sure to also purchase a reading. The RUSH option is an ADDITION, NOT a single product. By purchasing a RUSH, you are inquiring to receive a reading within 24 hours. I normally deliver readings within 3-7 business days without the RUSH added to your order. If you order a RUSH without a reading, you will be refunded, and will not receive a reading until it is purchased properly. Please make sure you read this carefully and fully understand what the RUSH order is. It is NOT a reading, but an addition to your reading. Thank you in advance :) ***

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