Rutilated Quartz Pocket Stones

Rutilated Quartz Pocket Stones


Rutilated quartz is found everywhere that quartz is found (that is, all over the world) but has typically been dismissed by people outside the crystological community as simply being bad quartz, instead of having its own unique powers. The general public dismisses them, but they actually contain surprising powers that are just as meaningful (or potentially even more so) than pure minerals. 

When a stone contains two or more crystals, it means that it has the power of both of those stones, and additional power to promote harmony, since the stone, by its very nature, must create harmony between the two stones that work within it.

Such is certainly the case for rutilated quartz!

The biggest and most historically significant use of rutilated quartz has been as a stone that promotes psychic power.

Rutile is one of the most significant stones for improving psychic powers in western culture, and the power of quartz magnifies this significantly, as it does with the power of any stone it is paired with!

The specific type of psychic power that rutile enhances is known as clairsentience, meaning “clear thinking.”

In other words, it will not make you hear people’s thoughts or see visions (although, if this is what you’re after, it can certainly be paired with other stones to get there). 

Instead, it will give you the ability to instinctively know things that are unknown to others, in the same way that you might know the days of the week or the date of your own birth. If you are not at all interested in psychic phenomena, then I’ll tell you right now that you’re missing out on rutilated quartz’s most exciting properties. However, even if you are only interested in its purely earthly benefits, there’s still a lot to this stone.

Rutilated quartz is highly energizing, and can bring passion into difficult times or difficult projects. It is especially useful for any work that you have to do that you may describe to a sympathetic friend as “soul-crushing.” 

Rutilated quartz can cut straight through to the causes of your unhappiness, or to the causes of any hang-ups or mental issues you may be having. You probably think that your unhappiness is caused by one specific thing or circumstance, and while that thing or circumstance may be (in fact, it probably is) a major cause, I’m here to tell you that it’s almost never that simple. Rutilated quartz can help you see things that you might not notice otherwise, and help you develop a better-rounded approach to your understanding of your own mental health and psychological state of being. 

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