Mina Mystic Florida Water

Mina Mystic Florida Water


Florida Water is known as an elixir of oils, herbs, crystals, and energy to ward of negativity, cleanse of dark energy, and attract positivity. It is said that the Angels and Ancestors are not very fond of the smell of a human in their natural aroma, so humans would use flowers and oils to make themselves smell more like nature to attract the blessings of the Spirits. Thats where Florida Water was born. Our Florida Water is made with a 100 year old family recipe and is made in small batches, by hand, blessed, and charged with quartz crystals before being sent out. Each bottle also contains 2 quartz crystal points inside for continuous charging at all times. 

4oz // recyclable

DIRECTIONS: Spray generously onto hands and around the top of your head. Rub into your palms and onto the back of your neck. Florida Water is to be used in the morning and at the end of the day, or whenever you feel you need an energy bath. Contains two Quartz Crystals & is made by hand using a 200 year old family recipe. May also be used on physical objects to smudge them. Store in a cool, dry place. DO NOT CONSUME.

INGREDIENTS: Purified rose water, filtered vodka, lemon peel, rosemary, organic essential oils, quartz crystal.  

Hand made & crystal charged in the USA

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