Testimonials are a way for my clients to give feed back and to shout from the rooftops how their experience went while working with me. These are some testimonials i've been gathering from previous clients that have either bought my products, gotten a reading from me, or a spell service. If you have gotten a reading, bought a product, or a spell service from me and would like to submit a TESTIMONIAL, please find below a button to the testimony form to fill out and submit! I appreciate any and all feedback. If you are unsure of whether or not to work with me or buy any of my products, read through the below TESTIMONIALS and reconsider your thoughts. I look forward to working with all of you! - Chey

n. n.

I met Chey Mina for the first time during a night shoot on set and right away there was something about this girl's energy that was so fascinating. Her energy was just so strong and so positive that we connected right away. I had no idea she did all these amazing things, but right away I had that feeling of trust towards her. We talked for a long time and I just wanted to know everything about what she did and my gosh, I was so impressed. She was just the most helpful and genuine girl I had met in a long time and she never tried to "sell' me anything. I have been dealing with a lot of emotional issues and confusion lately, so I called Chey for help. We decided to do a reading, and my gosh she was SPOT ON. Chey won't tell you what you wanna hear, she will tell you exactly what you need to hear and what she sees. So, she gave me some advice and things to do. Some days later I asked her to do a joint spell service for me that included a "Road opener", "Come to Me", and  "Protection" spells. As she lit  the candles, the glass of my protection candle (Saint Michael) broke immediately and she showed it to me right away via video So she lit the candle again and did a more intense prayer to clear all the bad energy around me (Thank you Cheeeey haha). For the COME TO ME spell she told me to do a petition paper at the same time to make it more powerful... 

OK THIS IS CRAZY!!  I started doing everything that she told me to (use the crystals, the sage, meditation etc.) and I felt that something was changing and I was just feeling weird and I didn't know why. Called Chey and asked her what was happening and what to do and if, or when was I going to see a sign or get a response. She literally said, "Don't do anything, the spell might not work immediately so wait some days, around the next full moon that is Nov. 3rd and Nov. 4th, something will happen".  OOOOMG. Today November 4th, the person that I did the spell on walked and stopped in front of me (cannot tell you the details about what happened next). The odds of me seeing him after months of total silence at the same place and time were almost impossible. I am just amazed with this Bruja. She gave me another reading and today and my whole energy changed! I am so lucky to have met this special girl. Another note: She is always learning and learning and studying and getting better every day and that is something I notice and appreciate. This shows how serious and how prepared someone is. 

And lets talk about her other stuff!!! The jewels, the crystals , the candles and oils... Can I just get EVERYTHING you have? I pretty much ordered everything LOL. I will continue to cleanse myself, my home and everything around me with the help of Chey because when your energy is clean you have no idea how many things can change in your life. 

Much love to you Chey and thank you a million times. xo


Before I start! I want to say that at first she didn't come to me or influence me in any way to do a reading. I came to her andasked her if she could do my reading. I've gone to all these shops and psychic readings previously but before I even went through with it, it didn't feel right. I would stop myself before even entering the store. I asked myself if I want to give out my energy and let someone fully read me there on the spot to a complete stranger that maybe doesn't care and just does it for money and moves on, and the answer was obviously no, of course not.  I want someone I could trust in the long run especially if I'm going to be going there long term. I kept on delaying it until out of nowhere, a thought from the nothingness of my mind points out Chey. Right there I had the vision, yes I want HER to be my visionary and my Sorceress. So, I reached out to her. Right away she was willing to do it without any hesitation. She said we could do it through skype or any form of communication and I told her you know what I want to do it in person. So, guess what!? She made it happen. She set the whole thing up. When I went, she greeted me with open arms and I felt her vibration in a higher state. There I knew she was the right one. My instincts were right. She initiated the process and began my reading, and I took her advice and its helped me out through the month which I was having some major doubts with. Her reading helped me pick the right choices I was skeptical about and guess what happened? Everything work out WONDERFULLY. Before I left she asked me to text her when I got back home so she knew I made it back safely. Who does that? Would a typical psychic do that? Not only did she do my reading but insured for my safety to go back home. Which was an hour drive at midnight. So, my over all experience was a magnificent.

Linda Y.

After going through a horrible weekend of negativity and destructive behaviour, I turned to my instagram to take my mind off my situation where I found Chey Mina and her store Mina Mystic. After one look though her store I fell in love with her philosophy which I hold close to my heart as well as the gorgeous pieces she had available. Eager to get my hands on some beautiful jewelry, I went to the check out page but couldnt proceed with shipping as I am from Sydney, Australia. I messaged her though her instagram complimenting her store and asked if there was a way to get goods shipped to Australia. She answered me much quicker than I expected advising me she was more than happy to help and arrange what I wanted alternatively. She was so kind, helpful and approachable, I found myself opening up to her randomly, consulting her with an issue I had experienced which was creating a lot of negativity for me, and if she had any advice on the candlework I was doing. I could tell instantly Chey Mina is a naturally caring and loving soul because from accross the globe I could feel her loving engergy oozing out of her. I was actually surprised how she took the time to actually listen to me and help me through my problem. She gave me so much genuine advice which I could feel was so authentic! Straight out of the kindness of her heart! She went through a whole list of things that she recommended for me to do to better my situation as well as a block buster spell and reversal spell which she did later that day. I felt her work clear so much negative energy from my life. Over the following week I could feel my power regaining and now I feel absolutely amazing. Chey Mina pulled me out of my misery, she reminded me of who I was, what I was doing and where I wanted to be. Also, I couldnt believe how quick my goods came. I had them within a week and I love them! My Anne Boleyn necklace is my favourite piece of jewelry, it's gorgeous and I wear it everyday! Along with my hummingbird candle which I am still using and continuing to bring me good energy. Her attention to detail and authentic touches are truly magickal. I am so greatful to her and her work. Chey Mina is beautiful inside and out, and is an inspiring young entrepreneur. I look forward to see what wonderful mystical things and amazing work she comes out with next. 

Thank you Chey Mina! Love your work!

Kim B.

I am happy that my first tarot reading was done by Chey. I was always very curious as well as nervous and she did a great job making sure I was comfortable. I enjoyed watching Chey's passion for her craft and will definitely go back to her anytime I need another reading or cleansing <3 


I have been working with Chey for years. I remember when she first started, she was an absolute natural and made me feel very comfortable. She was able to clearly read the cards and interpret it compared to my life perfectly. I've been to psychics and tarot readings where the reader was 20 years deep into their career and couldn't give a reading the way Chey did. It was mind blowing. Now, I've also had help in spiritual matters regarding spell work as well as spiritual guidance from her and to see how far she's come, how professional she is, and how much more powerful & knowledgable she has become is so amazing to witness. She's a force to be reckoned with and I hope you get to experience what I've gotten to experience with her. She's helped me tremendously in my life. Thank you Chey. You're amazing.

Let me just get one thing out of the way. This woman is POWERFUL. She has abilities you can't learn from a book. She has an energy that will make you tremble. But for some reason, no matter how powerful she comes across or how strong her energy is, theres always a warmth around her and a comfort level that will make anyone feel equal to her while in her presence. She's humble, sweet as can be, and brutally honest. She holds no punches and tells it like it is. If you want things sugarcoated, then she isn't for you. She tells you the message the way its coming through from the spirits and it's always for your best interest. Her spell work has changed my life in so many ways I didn't know was possible. I had an ex boyfriend who was abusive, a stalker, aggressive, and relentless for years. No matter how many restraining orders I got or police reports I made, he just wouldn't go away. I used to live in absolute FEAR. Like, no sleep, no eating, no serenity EVER kind of fear. I met Chey, explained the situation and she goes, "Oh, girl. I can help you with that. That's easy." And laughed. I thought she was making fun of me or not understanding how serious the situation was. She then looked me dead in my eyes and goes, "I need a picture, his full name, and your 100% undivided attention. Can you do that for me?". From that point, for some reason, I trusted her and the process. She told me she was going to take care of him for me, and that she was going to make sure I was protected from further damage. The ritual was commenced that night in the privacy of her sacred space, and the ritual took about a week to complete. She sent me photos and video of the entire process, as well as readings and explanations of what was going on step by step. The attention to detail has me in awe. The readings were accurate as shit and if there was ever a space that seemed off, she would take care of it. She also did a reversal spell for me, as well as a crystal healing to help my past trauma and ever since I've gotten into a new relationship, a new job, I'm able to sleep peacefully at night, my anxiety attacks seem to have subsided, I have more energy, my dreams are light and full of positive vibes, and heres the kicker. My ex, the sorry excuse of a man that started this spiritual process of mine, is serving 50 years in federal prison for something he did 15 years ago. Out of the blue. It came and bit him in the ass. I don't care what anyone says, magick is real. Chey is one bad bitch. And I owe her my life. "Take my money" is our inside joke, because it really does feel that way when you experience power ad results like that where you're getting your monies worth and your life is changing in ways you never thought was possible or an option. Chey, you're a Goddess. So amazing. And I love you with all my heart. One of the best people I know with the biggest hearts in the world. If you haven't experienced her yet, what the hell are you waiting for? 

Tammy R.