We try to keep our shipping quick, fast, and in a hurry as much as possible but quality can take some time. If you order physical products that do not need to be prepped and energetically charged before shipping out, the order will normally go out within 24 hours of you purchasing your order. But if you purchase products such as a Fixed Candle, or Magick Oils, it will take anywhere between 2-3 days to prepare. We like to ship out every Monday & Thursday, and sometimes Saturdays. Every order is updated with shipping information and if you ever have any questions you can contact us with your concern and our customer service will assist you within no longer than 24 hours. 

Tarot readings are fulfilled within a week of ordering, and within 24 hours if you purchase the "Rush" option to your order. 

What is your shipping schedule & why?

We like to take precautionary measures and cleanse / smudge your entire order before it goes out, but regardless of that, we suggest you do too when you get it in the mail. Who knows who's hands its been in from us to you, but the power will still be there no matter what. If you don't already have the supplies to smudge yourself, sacred space, and products, we suggest the Sacred Essentials Bundle with Florida Water

Do I have to smudge myself / products before using them?

What is a fixed candle?

A fixed candle here at Mina Mystic is a 7 Day candle with specific colors, images, and words on the candle to represent a specific need or intent. The candle is then dressed with special essential oils, herbs, crystals, and is then energetically charged with an intense energy for the need/intent at hand. When you receive the candle, you are to burn the candle and place it in a saucer of water. Let stand and burn for the full duration (4-5 days) or until it goes out on it's own. All candle orders are made to order and are done in small batches to keep the results effective and strong.

Please be advised that all candle orders are done in a slow, thorough, intense, and powerful process and are not to be rushed. Please allow 2-5 business days for orders to be completed. They are done in small batches and can take some time. But I will always try my best to get them out as soon as possible! 

Can you do Custom spell work?

Yes! Absolutely. Please contact me here if you need custom spell work done, or email me directly at info@minamystic.com. You will need to consult with me first before any spell work is done, and payment will be handled via PayPal/Venmo since the option is not available on my website. If you are in the San Diego / Los Angeles area, we can possibly arrange an in person consultation. I take custom work seriously since it's usually for a more severe, important, and urgent matter. I would love to help.

Will my order become "tainted" if its mailed?

No. I take extreme precaution since all my work is based off of energy, not only do I protect the item itself, I use strong protection and symbology as "armor" on the packaging before it leaves my possession. Your items will always be energetically and physically preserved until it gets to you. Guaranteed. 

How to make a petition paper:

My candles are sent out with an immense amount of energy and healing vibes as it is. But in tradition and to make the candle's intent even more potent, you would make whats called a "petition paper". A petition paper is like a contract. An instruction manual for the Spirits that are assigned to your situation. You need to be very clear about certain things especially if you have an idea of an exact outcome. If you want something specific, and don't make a petition paper, not saying that by not doing one it won't happen for you, but it makes the odds of it happening less likely if you weren't working with one. It's highly suggested and for good reason. We will use a love candle as an example. Your name is Jane Doe, born January 1, 1990. Your lovers name is John Smith, born December 1, 1980. He and you have been talking for a few months, and now all of a sudden he's getting a little distracted. Seems distant. Not "all there". This is the first time in 3 months he's gone 2 full days without texting or calling you, and your radar starts screaming at you telling you something isn't right, and he's pulling away. So in this case, you would grab a "Honey of Love" or "Come to Me/Magnet" Fixed Candle. The petition paper is to be on a natural or craft type of paper. A brown paper bag will suffice. You want him to come to you, so you would rip a small square of the paper towards you. Turn clockwise (to draw in), rip towards yourself again. Clockwise turns, and inwards tears until you've ripped all 4 sides. You never want perfectly cut edges on a petition paper. Rips are preferred. Starting with his name and birthday, you're going to write 3 rows of his name and birthday as a sentence like this:

John Smith 12/1/80

John Smith 12/1/80

John Smith 12/1/80

Once you've written that out, you're going to turn it once clockwise, and write your intent OVER his name, three times as well. Like this:


Turn again clockwise, and OVER his name, write your name and birthday to seal him into you. Like this:

Jane Doe 1/1/90

Jane Doe 1/1/90

Jane Doe 1/1/90

Turn one more time clockwise, and sign over the entire petition 3 times as if you were signing a check. This is sealing the petition in writing. You can then anoint the paper in all four corners and the middle in a love oil of your choice, in this case "Come to Me" oil or "Attraction" oil would suffice. If you are binding someone, remember when you are drawing in anything, you want to fold and wrap thread towards you. When you are banishing or binding from, you fold and wrap away from you. Very important. Your petition should almost not even be legible at this point because the writings are all on top of each other and tightly written. But the energy surrounding the petition is strong and locked in, and will enhance the magick of the candle much more if done properly. I like to place my petition papers underneath my candles as they burn for the energy to be directed straight into the candle itself. It's also great to use a mirror to burn the candle on top of for the energy to be intensified. And of course, if you still do not understand how this works, or it makes no sense to you, please reach out and ask as many questions as you need! I'm always here for support and clarity. Enjoy your new found power.

The new/full moon has already passed. Can I still do my rituals & soaks?

YES. New Moon & Full Moon energy linger around for about 3 days before and after the occurrence. Even if you used your products 2 weeks after, its still okay. Its just recommended to use them during time stated to be most affective. 

Don't you worry. A lot of times, the fixed candles can pool up with oil and put the candle out in the middle if it leaks out through the holes in the wax on top. If this occurs, you can make more holes in the wax for the oil to be deposited in but whatever you do, not NOT try and soak up or remove the oil that is in there. This will ruin the candle. It's "magick" anyway. The ingredients in my candles are very specific. So to remove them would defeat the purpose of it. The oil build up does not mean its defective though! It's only defective if the glass on the candle is broken or if it was the wrong candle. Once the oil is drained out of a pool in the center and deposited in the holes, you can now relight it and use it as intended! 

It's a different story if you've done everything, the wick seems to be normal, and the candle seems fine and it keeps going out. This could be an energy force. If this happens, please email me as soon as you can so we can get to the bottom of it. Also, make sure there are no drafts, gusts of wind, cross breezes, fans, or A/C blowing the candle out. Not everything is supernatural, but unfortunately, it could be the case. 

My candle wont stay lit. What does this mean and how can I fix this? Does this mean it's defective?