Mercury Retrograde Protection Essentials


Mercury Retrograde is a bitter sweet event that happens what feels like every two weeks. But- we shouldn't let it get us down. Mercury is the planet of communication and technology, so when it goes Rx, it can definitely stir some things up that we just simply want left alone. But it's also a time of truths (though they may be tough ones), release, and new comings. The trail of events that happen from the begging to the end of Mercury Retrograde are to help clear space and bring to the surface the issues that have been festering beneath you for quite some time. So embrace the mess and it just might open some doors for you that you didn't even know existed. The energies that Mercury Rx provides are pretty harsh though, and can cause some outrage, confusion, accidents, injuries, and fights. So to help protect against all that negative energy, here are is a small list of items (mostly crystals) that we carry here in our store that can help with the balance of light and dark! 

1. Black Tourmaline

Grounding, protecting, assists in letting go of fear and anxiety. Confidence. Release. 

2. Fluorite

Encourages peace & harmony within the soul as well as the home and work place. 


3. Black Obsidian 

Protection, grounding, helps with the healing of a broken heart / protection of the heart and aids in communication in relationships. 


4. Pocket Stones

Hematite & Fluorite

5. Bath Brews

Our Bath Brews are alchemically made to clear negative energies, instill positive energies, and protect you from harmful energies. We recommend the Sunstone & the Clear Quartz bath brews for your mercury retrograde ventures. You can even do half and half of each at the beginning of Rx, and the other halves at the end of Rx. Mix and match! 

You probably noticed that our Mercury Retrograde candle isn't on the list, and thats for a very very good reason. And one you won't want to miss! Make sure to follow us on Instagram to receive updates on our product launches and witness our growth. Lots and lots of newness is coming your way! Make sure to grab your orders before the 16th so we can ship out to you in time for Mercury Retrograde! 

Love, MM Team