Our List of Crystals for Your New Years Resolution


New Years is a time of renewed energy, goals, great initiative, deadlines, fitness inspo, hard work, high ambition, and an intense drive to be the best you can be. But sometimes theres a pressure and a draining aftertaste that can accompany you if you're not taking the right precautions to savor your energy and charge up for the days to come. So this is a list of crystals we suggest to use for different reasons, and they're all reasons to take into consideration when it comes to your mental, emotional, and energetic health. 

1. Smoky Quartz

First up, is Smoky Quartz! Chey Mina (owner of Mina Mystic) swears by Smoky Quartz when it comes down to anxiety and stress related energy. It is a magickal grounding stone that clears up negative energy like a vacuum. Wear it, hold it, sleep with it, carry it with you at all times, any way you use it - it helps heal your soul from the inside, out. It's a perfect stone for those who have high anxiety and stress related to work & relationships, so whenever you find yourself being challenged this year with either-or, hold a Smoky Quartz! It will help. 

(P.S.- Its also a secret weapon for easing menstrual cramps!)

2. Quartz Crystal

Quartz Crystal is the most renowned & most used healing crystal out there, and for good reason. It's a general healer and carries some heavy healing abilities. Not to mention it's extremely beautiful to look at and have around your home! Quartz Crystal as far as the New Year is concerned, use it to clarify you manifestations and to charge your intentions. It's perfect for energy work when trying to set and conquer goals, as well as charge yourself up to handle stressful or heavy situations! It's also an amazing stone for protection and warding off negative energy. Wear it as an amulet or carry it with you to help keep your aura clean.

3. Lovers Geode

Okay, so this isn't really for anything "physical" so much as it is beneficial to your gift giving game all year round. These babies will have your partner in crime like "WHUUUUUUT?!" - guaranteed. They're unique, one of a kind, frikkin ADORABLE, sparkly, and super meaningful. Plus, they're made of natural agate, which is also a healing and wonderful protection stone! Birthdays, Valentines Day (coming up y'all), just because, or Christmas... Gifts, for all. year. round. You're welcome. 

4. Amethyst

This stone will save your LIFE if you have a hard time sleeping, calming down, staying still, focusing, or meditating. It just grabs your jitters and throws them out of the window. If one of your goals was to be more present and meditative this year, this is THE stone for you. Not to mention, its purple. We're bias about that. 

5. Selenite

Last but not least, Selenite is our GO TO for clearing and cleaning energies from our spaces and crystals. Towers are for your spaces, palm stones are for meditation and chakra alignment/clearing, wands are for directing energy and chakra realigning as well, and Selenite plates are for placing pocket crystals and jewelry on overnight to cleanse them of their energies. A must have if you use lots of crystals or have a bit of small crystals you carry with you every day. Some people forget to cleanse and charge their crystals because they become a part of a routine. A part of your being. So make sure to utilize a cleansing tool as easy as Selenite this year to keep your energies right!

Hopefully this post was helpful for you and helps guide you on your crystal journey this year to clarity and balanced energies! Happy New Year to everyone, and may 2018 be YOUR year.