Herb of the Week: Eucalyptus


Hey guys! We got a little side tracked with the newness thats coming to Mina Mystic so it took us away for a couple week regarding the Herb of the Week, but we're back in business! This weeks herb is Eucalyptus! We all love us some eucalyptus. And if you don't like it, you're missing out on some magickal green luvins. 

Eucalyptus is known for its aromatic fragrance that just opens you up from what feels like the inside out. It has a cooling sensation and is extremely refreshing. Used for aromatherapy and body oils to calm, soothe, and help with relaxation. 

It represents the Moon and has a feminine energy/gender. Magically it is used for healing and protection, and its dried leaves can be used in magick for New Moons, Full Moons, & rituals pertaining to protection and healing. The leaves are known to be stuffed in dolls/poppets for healing and is carried on your person to maintain good health.

To help fight a cold or flu, use a green candle, anoint it with eucalyptus oil, and dress it in eucalyptus leaves. Visualize as its burning down the person (or yourself) being completely stripped of this illness and becoming healthy with every minute that passes. Hang a branch of eucalyptus over the bed of the ill for stronger affects. When placed underneath a pillow it guards you against colds. 

To help clear your bronchial pathways if you have a cold, allergies, or just want to grab a breath of fresh air, hang fresh eucalyptus in your shower and allow the steam to take you on a mini vacation.

Enjoy the magick of eucalyptus! It will soon be a part of our shop and products that will be launching February 1st! Sign up for our newsletter to get updates for when we launch. See you all next week!