Super Full Moon in Cancer to Start Off The New Year


First and foremost, Happy New Year everyone! This year I feel is already starting off to a strong and very abundant beginning . I'm feeling the energy everyone is putting off, and its actually amazing how many people are catching onto the fact that greatness isn't defined on how you do things on New Years, but every day of the year. People have been enjoying New Years, but in my immediate vicinity, I haven't seen too much partying or reckless behavior. People have committed to staying in, or doing a light dinner and night out with close friends to start off the New Year, and I love seeing that. I personally stayed home & watched a Breaking Bad 10 Year Anniversary marathon ALL day, and I wouldn't have spent it any other way. I also did some list making, some goal setting, some cleansing, and set some major challenges for myself for this coming year. And I want you to do the same. This Full Moon has me BUZZING y'all. Let me tell you. The Full Moon being in Cancer has us all in our feelings, but don't get carried away into romance just yet. Use this emotional outlet as a push forward into your creations and your craft. Leave the mixture of romantic emotions behind for a bit since they can be just as messy as they are beautiful. And you shouldn't make any room for messiness in your life for January (if you can help it). So stick to a professional setting as much as possible to transmute this energy into because your financial sector and creativity is where this energy is really going to shine. The inner maternal instincts will be happening quite strongly, so this is another reason why romance should take a back seat. You will constantly be wanting to nurture and tend to others if you allow that gate to open, and it will distract you from your goals that you are about to (have already) set for your first month of the New Year. And that won't be a very good thing. 

To make the most of this full moon energy, be in water. Whether that be a shower, bath, pool (natural pool if you can manage), creek, river, lake, ocean, hot springs, whatever natural body of water you can get your soul to submerge into, do just that. Cancer is a water sign and is the sign of the Crab. An oceanic creature who lives and inhabits the ocean floor. Grounded, yet emotional and can be unstable at times. Hard outer shell, soft and fuzzy on the inside (emotionally of course, not literally). When the moon is in Cancer, lots of the past will show up for you, and it will speak to you. But instead of muting it out, turn up the volume and listen intently to what it has to say. Reflect on your previous year of 2017 and point out all the major lessons it has brought up for you to take from. This list can be a mixture of good, and bad. But MAKE SURE to ALWAYS highlight something good from every single one even if its bad. Put resentment, guilt, agitation, jealousy, rage, anger, sadness, etc. to sleep this instance. It does NOT serve you any longer. Moving on, this is not a list that you should show others, it should be kept private for one major reason. Pride. Sometimes we don't address lessons when others bring them up because our pride gets in the way and our emotions get the best of our logic, which then allows us to not make the best judgement as far as the truth goes and what we need to focus our attention on because it can be shameful, embarrassing, or simply something you've been having trouble with and you don't feel like dealing with it head on with someone else's opinion about it... understandable. But when you can address these issues and lessons from your past alone without an audience or someone to impress in the room with you, you can make an honest analysis of yourself and jot down some real subjects that need to be tended to (or already have been, and need to be watered), and make a real, in depth, plan of action for yourself to get you to the next level. 

This is where your maternal (motherly) instinct will come into play or a need for a mother-like figure to guide you (Cancer = The Great Mother) in this journey of enlightenment and growth. And because the Moon is such a strong feminine energy, this time is an amazing time to utilize that feminine energy to heal energetically and allow the frequencies the Moon is giving off right now as a modified version of a "Mother" figure. Allow Her to guide you where you need to be, allow Her energy to flow into your crystals and aura to come through in a form of a dream, allow Her to flow effortlessly into your life right now and show up for you in your world as the many signs that may lead you the right direction. Know that She is with you, and you are not alone. There is to be no fear in your next move since She is there to guide and protect you from all things less than love. 

There is so much strength in the air right now during this sacred Wolf Moon, and it is vibrant, radiant, loving, and warming. In conclusion and summary, take this time to reflect, be nurtured, heal from the inside out, and allow the Universe to show you without any resistance where you need to be, who you need to be around, and what you need to be doing to get to where you want to be, You are loved by ancient energies much older than you and who have been here much longer than we can record. They are with you now, and they speak through the energies of the Fatherly Sun and the Motherly Moon. 

Take a notepad, piece of paper, journal, whatever you can find, and write down ALL the things you need to do this week. Then, write down (in detail) all that you need to do this month. Then, IN DETAIL, write what you'd like to happen for yourself and what you WILL do this year. At this point, you should have filled up an entire page or two. But then, keep going, and take point by point of your list to fully address how you're going to achieve each goal as if you already KNOW how its going to happen. Like you're writing your own destiny. Because this is whats funny.... You are.... YOU are in charge of your own story and destiny. No one else can or ever will. write it for you and no one else has more control over your life than you. So make those lists, set those goals, lay out those details, and get to work. But remember, romance takes a back seat. Thank me later.

Happy Full Moon everyone <3

Chey xo