How To: Smudging with your Sacred Essentials Bundle

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Cleansing your space, spirit, and new objects that you bring into your home is super important. Especially in todays world with all the negativity and ill intentions people carry around. Negative energy attaches itself to anything and everything it touches. So imagine you've lived in your home now for 10 years, and NEVER cleansed it energetically. But you've had parties, let people crash on your couch, had a couple hook ups that didn't last for obvious reasons, and a crazy ex that lived with you for 4 of those 10 years. ALL of that energy is just lingering and relaxing in every corner of your home because you're letting it. And it affects everything around you. From the way you sleep, your appetite, your plants lives, the people you bring around and how they feel in your home, your energy levels and so much more. So how do you rid of the energetic gook? The Simple Sacred Essentials Bundle is a great beginning. 


If what I just said hasn't already resonated with you, made sense to you, or relate to you, then try and grip this. Lets say you move into a new place that has quite a bit of miles on it. Most likely, you don't know the previous owners, or the numerous amounts of other residents before them dating back all the way until the place was first built. Not to mention, WHERE or WHAT it was built on top of. This especially applies to new residences. The home or land could have had a tragedy occur in it just months or weeks before you moved in for all you know. Or an event that happened years and years ago that wasn't recorded because no one knew about it, so they weren't liable to tell you. There are also possibilities that there have been previous owners that conjured spirits or played with a Ouija board and opened a door they couldn't close. So now you're on its doorstep without a clue. Depending on the situation, it could be minor, or severe. But using Sage, Palo Santo Wood, and a Quartz Crystal are used as battle armor and clearance tools for negative energies going into any situation, even when there aren't any. Smudging has been used for eons due to it's clearing and protective properties. It's used as an energetic reset button and a "mace" for anything thats not supposed to be there.


I included the Quartz Crystal in my bundle because I believe its important to balance yourself energetically/vibrationally/spiritually throughout the day as well as it is to cleanse and balance the home you live in or the space you work in periodically. Clear Quartz is known as the Healers Stone. It's powers are incredible when it comes to energy balancing and warding off lower vibrations. Cleanse yourself by meditating with the stone and visualizing all negative energies going into the stone and out of your body. You can then visualize yourself being balanced and empowered by the Universe itself. Once you've done a 5-10 minute meditation, you can run the crystal under water, lay it in the sun or moon light, or smudge it with Sage / Palo Santo Wood to cleanse it of the negative energies you placed in it so that it wasn't in your vessel anymore. By doing these things, you are disposing of the negative energies back into the Earth for them to be used elsewhere, and balancing your aura so that you can function at a higher, more positive vibration. 


  1. Start with yourself first. Take a shower, a bath (even a spiritual one), pamper yourself and feel cleansed and grounded. 
  2. If you haven't already, clean and tidy up your space physically before you clean it energetically. When you respect your space, the energies will be respective as well. For the most part.
  3. Now, using your Sage you want to start at the East point of your home, and smudge continuing clockwise. Make sure the smoke covers the walls, dark corners, closets, nooks, crannies, bathrooms, showers, cabinets, even your oven. You want to cover anywhere and everywhere in your home with the Sage smoke, especially dark areas. Darkness holds negativity the most, and can easily be overlooked. If you have an attic, try and get up there too. 
  4. Once you make your way all the way back to the East point of your home, cover the floors, clothes, furniture, fridge, items in your home, knick knacks, lamps, and all door ways with the smoke. While you are smudging, keep in mind that you should be reciting a mantra and visualizing negativity dissipating from your home like the smoke emitting from the Sage. I like to personally recite the following mantra when smudging my own home: "Cleansing this home of all negativity, unwanted spirits and entities, uninvited energies and souls. You are not welcomed here and must vacate immediately. Invoking Saint Michael to protect and infuse this home with protection, love, prosperity, fortune, and positivity only. Love, light, and peace is only allowed in this home." And continue to say this over and over again until you have covered the entire home with the Sage.
  5. One you have smudged your home, you can then smudge your physical body either with the Sage, or with my personal favorite- Palo Santo Wood. 
  6. After smudging your physical body, you can then meditate with your Quartz and cleanse your astral body.
  7. If you purchased the Sacred Essentials Bundle with Florida Water I suggest cleansing yourself before and after you smudge with the Florida Water to ensure a completely balanced cleansing. 


  • Make sure to do this as close to bed time as possible.
  • 12AM is an ideal time to smudge.
  • Let the Sage burn out on its own at the end of your cleansing. Do NOT put out intentionally if you can manage it.
  • Pairing a smudging with a Cleansing, Elegua, or Reversing Fixed Candle will intensify your cleansing especially if you have known dark energies or bothersome spirits in your home you're trying to get rid of. 
  • Apply Florida Water every day in the morning and after showers to keep your energy clean and balanced. You can also add it to spiritual baths to amplify the cleansing. 

I hope this article helps you and you learned how to properly smudge your home! Its quite simple, and very easy to do. By the end of a smudging your home should feel lighter, more calm, and you should feel more at ease. You can do this once a month, or whenever you feel you need to. Such as after you come into contact with someone you weren't too fond of or having someone with a dark or negative energy into your home. I wish you healing and love!


Ashé xo

Chey Mina

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