How to use Florida Water



Florida Water is an old school form of spiritual cleansing. The most popular brand of Florida Water is made by Murray & Lanman, which you can purchase here in my store. Though you can make your own, Murray & Lanman has been around since 1808 and has been the originators of capitalizing in the shelved Florida Water. In the realm of spiritualists and witchcraft itself, it is used to cleanse your body and spiritual field of negative energies and lower vibrations. It is also said that spirits don't like the smell of humans, so when working with Magick or calling upon specific Gods/Goddesses/Deities/Loas/Spirit Guides etc., that smelling like herbs, plants, flowers and fruits will help you in your accomplishments of getting ahold of said forces. And Florida Water does just that. 

It is also used as offerings when practicing Magick work, and it is a before and after spellwork ritual for magicians to clear their energetic fields going in and coming out of it. 


Its fairly simple. But there are a few different ways you can use it to get the most out of what it has to offer. 

  1. Basic Cleansing - Pour a small amount in your hands and rub on your hands, on top of your head, the back of your neck, and down your arms. Shake off excess as if you were "shaking off" dirt. Use this method every time you feel that you've come across negative energy, or that you need to reset your energy to work with other energies (spell work/healing). 
  2. Offerings - place a small amount next to your bed for positive dreams, to attract a new love, or to attract money you can place some next to a "money pot". I like to place a small saucer filled with self blessed Holy Water, a dash of Florida Water and Conjure Oil as an offering on my Altar. 
  3. Spiritual Baths - Fill up a tub with Luke warm water. Add about a small amount of Florida Water to your bath and when done, let your body air dry. I also sell Florida Water Soap, which can be used in the bath or shower whenever you want and it's specific for washing the body. (No alcohol)

I hope this article was helpful to those who were wondering! Find below a direct link to purchase your own Florida Water or Florida Water Soap to discover is benefits yourself. 

Love, Chey Mina