Winter Solstice Cleansing Ritual Using Selenite


Winter Solstice, Yule. A time when everything dies, freezes over, dries up, and is cold. But is only preparing for a Spring full of blooming growth, warmth, and abundance. As a spirit in a physical vessel, this is a time to do just that as well for our souls. Rebirth, refresh, out with the old, and plant seeds of new and better habits. The last few weeks have been difficult due to Mercury being in Retrograde (but its FINALLY over today), and it's leaving room for us to finally get back on track with our organizing needs and cleansing. One of my favorite ways to do this is with crystals. Crystals are intensely beneficial to our energy fields and internal healing as well as balancing the energies around us. The Selenite Cleansing Stone is perfect for all types of energy cleansing. It is one of the the very few minerals that has the ability to quickly unblock stagnant energy and remove negative energy. Selenite stones also greatly magnify the energy of anything that is placed upon them. So, if you're using the aid of any other stone to charge or clear energies, lay your stones on a Selenite platform or lay them up against a Selenite crystal for about 6 hours to charge and clear them of anything negative. 

For my Winter Solstice ritual, I used the crystals in the photo pictured above, and it took about an hour. You obviously don't need ALL of these, you can literally use one piece of Selenite such as my Selenite Wands, or your own. But because I'm a crystal freak and have access to an abundance of them, this is what I used: 


I started off with a Eucalyptus shower (a hot shower with fresh Eucalyptus hanging), cleansing my sacred space with Sage, cleansing my aura with Palo Santo wood, and washing off my body after a shower with Florida Water. I made sure my sacred space was clean and tidy, and my altar was new and fresh with new offerings to my deities, especially Lady Death who I work with quite a bit. I then turned off all artificial lighting and lit candles only. I turned off my phone and laid down with 5 Selenite rounds underneath me in a line upon my spine, 1 on my third eye, and I set the large Selenite wand on top of my torso. I then placed the Medium Selenite wands in both my hands and meditated for about 30 minutes envisioning how I wanted my life to look until Spring Equinox (March 20-23). From now and until then, we are in a "death" phase energetically. By then, we will then move into a "rebirth" phase. So when envisioning, think of all the things you want to rid your life of, even if its difficult to imagine. Think of all the energies and people that no longer serve you, see yourself letting them go, watching them leave with ease, see yourself healing and moving on without them, and feel yourself becoming lighter and lighter, making way for all this new greatness to come into your life. While in this meditation, think of every single move that you'll make as if you're actually doing it. For example: You want to drop eating fast food, so you visualize yourself being offered fast food, refusing it without a problem, Maybe even seeing the fast food and being repulsed by it by making that conscious decision, driving to a grocery store, walking through the isles of fresh produce and healthy foods, grabbing what you need to make your favorite healthy meal, placing the items in your basket, the items can even be "strength", "love, "worth", "self respect", "health", etc., then checking out, being paid for the food you're leaving with in "soul cash" or "wellbeing credit" instead of you paying them in "paper money" and giving them YOUR resources, driving home, cooking all this amazing food, smelling the aromas, and finally sitting down to eat this amazing meal you made with love, all your own ingredients, and effort, then feeling the benefits fill you up from the inside. You might even start to feel a little hungry and begin to crave this meal you imagined, which is GOOD. Once the 30 minutes is up (you can do this intuitively or with a timer), place a Selenite crystal of your choice under your pillow while you sleep, and set up some Selenite near your bed to absorb your subconscious energy while you sleep as well. I used the tower for this, and then followed it up with a neck, foot, and lower back massage with my selenite massage wand (HEAVEN). I used my Moon Magick Oil to massage with. 

By the morning, you should feel refreshed, balanced, relieved of any negative energy, and energized for the day and the rest of Yule (Winter), Imbolc, and the approaching of Ostara (Spring Equinox). Make sure to drink LOTS of water, and carry a Black Tourmaline with you to protect you of negative energies throughout this time (or at all times). Happy Winter Solstice everyone! Save Atral Travels. xo

Chey Mina