Washed With Love


I laid next to him last night, and I healed him. Washed him in love. Meanwhile, he snored, gingerly. Or I guess it was more like a light whistle. Like a purring baby, only 33 years more layered. His body, jerking in response to my enormous vibration. Itching, and speaking. Both pulling towards and running from me at various times throughout the night. Needless to say, he needed it.

This is something I’m used to at this point. Something that happens anytime I sleep in close quarters with another being. They end up passed out, quickly, and my body and vibration go into work mode. This happens in my sessions too, of course. Most people report either having been asleep or in an alternate dimension. As far as I can tell, it’s mostly a super deep, lowered brainwave state. And perhaps, also, the edge of the universe.

To be a beam of healing energy, is my calling. Odd but true. The subtle energy realm is one I know well. That’s where I spend most of my time, swimming with Einstein-like passion. Clawing through to altered vibrations and a more palatable energy field. Dissecting the energy of myself, others, and my surrounding environment. Awakening, tailoring, breaking through, building up, washing over, all of it – energetically. Those are the details of my life as a healer.

People ask me all the time if I can turn it off, and I suppose that I can. Well, maybe. Because on some level, once you really tune into your healing nature, it’s all of you. The focus on being a healing agent floods its way into what you eat, who you choose to be around, how you spend your time, what you think about, all the way down to the details of how much you sleep and how much water you drink and what kind of toothpaste you use. And once your intention is set, to nourish the world around you with energetic goodness, then every time you step out of your sweet, playful solitude, your work begins. Which is hardly work, really, because I fucking love watching the world around me bloom in response to my intention and vibration. Maybe that’s why they call it your life’s work. Because the line between the end of work and the beginning of life is blurred in such a way that, frankly, it doesn’t exist.

Being a healer is a calling. It chooses you. No matter which avenue you turn towards to run away from it, it still finds you. As if it fills your spaces in all of your dimensions. And once you really take it on, once you tattoo that name across your heart, you’ve entered a whole new wavelength of consciousness. Your magic carpet arrives and life says, welcome. You’ve just tuned into an entirely new arena of being. And let me warn you, you are mostly going to have no fucking clue what you’re doing or why or how, but not to worry, that part isn’t up to you. You just keep yourself clear and connected, and let Spirit take care of the rest. You are now rockin’ with the best.

Guest Author Highlight


Introducing Danika Sole

Danika Solé was introduced to Reiki at a very young age by her mother who was a Reiki Master. Her mother’s response to any ailment was always to “put your hands over it and call the Light.” Something now, Danika realizes, has a much deeper significance.

In 2010, Danika received a BA in Psychology from The University of North Carolina, and from there became a counselor and meditation guide. In feeling called to know more about herself and what drives fundamental happiness, she then gave up her comforts, unplugged from society, and dove deeper into self-study. After a four-year inward voyage and on the other side of many transformative experiences, what arose within her was the midpoint between science and spirituality: vibrational and energetic medicine. The healing of energetic blockages as a catalyst for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing and well-being. In essence, that which she’d known all along: Reiki.

Danika began her formal Reiki training in 2013, around which time she also started offering services as a Reiki healer. She has since become a Reiki Master & Teacher, certified sound healer, and meditation guide. She uses her breadth of personal experience, paired with her training and background in the healing arts, to share the gifts of Reiki and meditation.

“Heal yourself, heal the world,” she holds true.