Herb of the Week: Cedar

  • Type: Masculine

  • Planet: Sun

  • Element: Fire

  • Zodiac Association: Leo

Here at Mina Mystic, we're in the holiday spirit, so why not talk about the famous Cedar for some magick? Cedar has magickal uses of all sorts and is an all around POWER herb. It doesn't just smell amazing and look great during the holidays, but it's uses are for all year round magick. You can use Cedar for healing, purification, money, and protection rituals. I personally like to add the herb to my Money Pots for extra energy surrounding the drawing in of finances. 

Here are some key uses and ways to use Cedar for yourself, in ritual, or for others:

  • You can also burn Cedar for purifying the air and energetic fields, as well as helping with the prevention of bad dreams.
  • The twigs of Cedar are also used as an incense and smoldered for ritual purposes.
  • Cedar is also used to heal head colds by placing the branches on hot rocks in sweat baths for purifications by American Indians. 
  • Hang Cedar in your home to protect it from lightening strikes, and a cedar stick carved into three prongs and placed prongs down into the Earth outside your home is said to ward off all evil from your home. 
  • Keep Cedar in your wallet or purse or burn cedar incense to draw in money, as well as love drawing when placed in love sachets.
  • It is also said to induce psychic powers when burned. 
  • Cedars shavings can be ritually burnt to dedicate sacred spaces. 
  • Use Cedar wood in solar spells of all kinds that are designed to strengthen and illuminate your focus.
  • The Cedar wood tree is sacred to Artemis, Sezh and Persephone. Cedar is a sacred tree of Celtic Astrology 9 February to 18 February. Cedar is associated with the goldfinch.

I hope you get to practice something within the holiday "spirit" with some Cedar this holiday season! Cleanse your spaces and protect your home in time for the new year. New vibes, who dis?

Chey xo