Coming soon to Mina Mystic: Crystal Elixir Tinctures


Tinctures are extracts made from herbs, and they are soaked in a specific proof of alcohol depending on the types of herbs you put in the tincture. Each tincture I make will be top secret recipes, made for specific ailments and purposes. The three tinctures that will be making their debut next month will be:

  1. Sex Tincture: Made to oxygenate and replenish your reproductive organs, heighten libido, lower stress levels, clear the mind to make room for passion and sensuality, promotes sexual desire, and aids in fertility. Magickal Uses: Love, protection, cleansing, smudging of the body and aura, healing, money drawing, aids in visions and dreams, purification, friendship stability, youthfulness, uncrossing of hexes/jinxes/curses, strength, power, energy building, reversals.
  2. Mental Clarity Tincture: Made to clear the mind of all negative energies, decalcify the pineal gland, promote creativity, focus, and intent, and help blood and oxygen circulation throughout the brain. Magical Uses: Protection, strength, power, money drawing, energy, smudging.
  3. Happiness Tincture: Aids in ridding of anxiety, panic, nervousness, and stress. Promotes more natural DMT to be released into your brain, and helps clear the mind to perform physical activity as well as helping with getting proper deep sleep. Magical Uses: Money drawing, protection, love, cleansing, psychic development, healing, prosperity, luck, purifying.

As you can see, tinctures have SO much to offer to our health as well as our magick. You take them orally 2-4 drops a day, and they taste like either brandy or vodka with a little more Earth mixed in! 

Not only are these babies tinctures though. Tinctures are fun, but CRYSTAL ELIXIR Tinctures are MORE fun.

What is a crystal elixir? 

A crystal elixir alone is when you take a high proof alcohol and a crystal, and let the crystal pretty much marinate and dissolve in the alcohol over time. The crystal becomes dust practically, and when heavily strained, the alcohol is then literal liquid crystal. When this is ingested, you are getting the essence, vibrational frequencies, and energetic benefits from whatever crystal you used from the inside, out. Now, I combined the two into a magickal tincture, elixir, potion. And the benefits are going to be INSANE. I can't wait for you all to try them, benefit from them, experience their magick, and feel their healing powers. 

Keep your auras peeled for the release date!