Capricorn New Moon Ritual

Thank you first and foremost for joining me today on my IG Live if you were there, it means so much to me that you guys are interested in the babble that comes out of my mouth. Makes ole girl feel all types of special! And not to mention...

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Winter Solstice Cleansing Ritual Using Selenite

Winter Solstice, Yule. A time when everything dies, freezes over, dries up, and is cold. But is only preparing for a Spring full of blooming growth, warmth, and abundance. As a spirit in a physical vessel, this is a time to do just that as well for our souls. Rebirth, refresh, out with the old, and plant seeds of new and better habits. The last few weeks have been difficult due to Mercury being in Retrograde (but its FINALLY over today), and it's leaving room for us to finally get back on track with our organizing needs and cleansing.

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Washed With Love

I laid next to him last night, and I healed him. Washed him in love. Meanwhile, he snored, gingerly. Or I guess it was more like a light whistle. Like a purring baby, only 33 years more layered. His body, jerking in response to my enormous vibration. Itching, and speaking. Both pulling towards and running from me at various times throughout the night. Needless to say, he needed it...

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Herb of the Week: Cedar

Here at Mina Mystic, we're in the holiday spirit, so why not talk about the famous Cedar for some magick? Cedar has magickal uses of all sorts and is an all around POWER herb. It doesn't just smell amazing and look great during the holidays, but it's uses are for all year round magick. You can use Cedar for healing, purification, money, and protection rituals.

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Welcome to

So, the time has come for Mina Mystic to make it's debut to the world, and as the owner, creator, head bruja in charge, and visionary behind, I can't express my gratitude and appreciation enough to the community of mystics that...

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