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Mina Mystic was spawned by Chey Mina, a spiritual guidance counselor & entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA. Her spirituality started at a very young age and has grown to be her go to for all guidance and wisdom in her life to this day. One thing that never sat well with her though, was the shopping and networking experiences she had when she ventured off trying to either find new products, books, crystals, supplies, sacred essentials or knowledge and/or new people to connect with that were in her age group since she moved around so much. Sticking to one local botanica or spiritual source was hard to do. So, she started her own online shopping and networking experience for anyone, anywhere. It's discrete if you want it to be, or you can come and mingle with the brujxs in the MM community when we have events in major cities! MinaMystic.com is all about the young, curious, vibrant, strong, and free spirited people who want to connect and learn on a deeper level where they feel safe and can still find what they're looking for all in one place. Mina Mystic holds events, workshops, webinars, and discussions online to familiarize ourselves with our local brujxs so we can embrace one another, teach one another, and love one another for the power that lies within us, but as we're sure you can agree, you also feel a little hesitant to let it off it's leash because of todays judgmental world. At Mina Mystic, you will always leave with something more than you came here with. Whether it be a crystal, sacred essential, a bit of knowledge, or a blessing. Welcome to Mina Mystic. xo


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Cleanse, smudge, protect, and charge daily with this simple powerhouse combo.


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From Quartz, Labradorite, Celestine, to Emerald, Fluorite & Selenite. We have it all. Shop now. 


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We've got one for everyone. Money drawing, love drawing, road opening, banishing, protection, blockbusting, uncrossing, and love sweetening. Discover your Magick. Shop now. 

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Weekly Tarot Forecast 1/16-1/23

Today we have a collection of cards that are very blunt and straight to the point. For our Current Situations Sector, we have the King of Wands (reversed). Now I know that the New Year has a way of bringing out the "beast" in people as far as work and fitness goals, but you have to be realistic right now and make sure that you don't over assign yourself work or fitness routines. You are setting goals higher than you're able to achieve and this can lead to disappointment if you don't reach them in the manner you want. Set more realistic goals for yourself and you won't create such an emotional monster. Not saying that high goals are impossible for you, but its better to over achieve realistic goals than to underachieve and fail at goals that weren't in your reach to begin with. Remove ego, and proceed forward. 

In our Challenges Sector, we have the Two of Swords representing a very difficult decision that must be made and you're feeling torn between your options. You feel as if you were to just "let sleeping dogs lie" that things will stay as is forever, though you couldn't be more incorrect. You must make a decision even though the outcome isn't apparent, but the choice must be made. Make it now while theres still time, and make it good. 

Lastly, in our Advices Sector we have the Queen of Swords (reversed). Now, if you have a past of being a "people pleaser", this is not the time to continue that way of being. By all means, be nice, caring, loving, and giving. But stop giving to those who didn't earn your attention and care. Stop pouring out resources to those who aren't giving you any in return. This way of thinking and living must come to an end or it will be your emotional and mental demise. You will be wronged many more times, and scorned in many new ways. It will come out in your work and will even affect and throw setbacks into your new realistic goals. If one word were to describe how your attitude should be for this week especially, it should be "Cunning". 

Have a good week everyone. And for a lack of a better term, in summary- this reading is telling you to be a total badass this week. Kick ass and take names. You got work to do. Don't let anyone stop your flow or block your vision. Not this time. Use the New Moon's energy (Tuesday 6:30 pm) to wipe away negative energies, form new alliances, and create new intentions for yourself and your business/work. The financial and success energy is strong right now. USE IT. 


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Schedule of Events

Workshops, Events
& Pop Up Shops

This is where you will find future events and workshops, as well as pop up shops in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas for locals to shop and network with people in the MM Community. If you would like to collaborate or feature us at your store, on your website, or other forum/networking platform, please contact us at the "contact" link at the bottom of this page.

upcoming EVENTS

- April 9th

Framed Salon: Mindful Mondays - New Moon Ritual Class (donation based - 100% of the proceeds will go to Sojourn Domestic Violence Foundation)



Shop BOOKS, SACRED ESSENTIALS, incense, and more.


Book of shadows- Initiates only





& Products

I couldn’t be more honored to host some of the most interesting, healing, empowering, and mystical products and services of the mystic world to come out of the American Southwest region. Below are some of the products and services that I hold here at Mina Mystic. If you would like a custom spell service and ritual performed, please contact me here for a consultation and a quote. Each custom service is different from the other and is fully built from scratch for each situation and client. My results are powerful and I document the entire process for your peace of mind, quality of service, as well as your records. And yes, I do everything remotely from my space here in San Diego, CA. When you work with energy, you don't need to be physically present. That's the beauty of the esoteric culture. I can't wait to help many more of you on your path. Asé xo


Spiritual guidance & yoga

Mina Mystic was spawned with the idea of helping others and guiding those who aren't on their desired path to their truth and assisting them in finding their power. Chey Mina, owner and creative director of Mina Mystic is a well seasoned Spiritual Guidance Counselor and a certified Babtiste Power Vinyasa Yoga instructor. She has the ability to take your life obstacles, and help you gain the ability to fix them one day at a time. Working with Chey can help you realign your life purpose, realize your potential, strengthen your mental state as well as your energetic health and your spiritual wellbeing, on top of physical well being. Email Chey at info@minamystic.com for inquiries.

FIXED Candles

Having money issues? Is your relationship rocky? Trouble finding love? Need a home cleared of negative energy? I got you covered. I make custom and fixed candles for all occasions and/or life events where there is need of spiritual guidance and help from the ancestors by using my root work expertise. I use a special blend of oils, herbs, roots, incantations, and energetic charging. They have been a powerful tool of spiritualists for many many lifetimes and are a necessity if you are in need of a helping hand from the Universe herself. 

Energetically infused jewelry

Shop my handmade 14k gold filled jewelry laced with lavish semi precious stones which are cleansed, balanced, charged, and infused with specific energies to help heal, ward off, and attract certain forces. They are fashionably correct and designed carefully with trends in mind, will never tarnish or turn your skin green or grey, and will be there to guide you every step of the way as long as you wear them every day. Made with love, to be worn with love, and to create magick. 


Crystals, books, incense, supplies & more

Whether you're a solitary practitioner looking for supplies, tools, or trinkets, or a passerby who's curious and into the mystical world of the occult, energies and healing, we have many options for you to choose from that will feed your fix and make you smile. Make yourself at home, take a look around, and treat yourself to a Mina Mystic experience. I promise, you won't be sorry. I warmly welcome you, and wish you guidance, health, love, prosperity, luck and wisdom. Keep updated by signing up for my newsletter so you can stay alerted of our growth!




Where will Mina Mystic be next?


Keep an eye out on my social medias and on this section of my website for updates of where you can find me next! I will keep you posted so I can meet you and enjoy your presence. So don't you worry your pretty little soul. As of right now, I are stationed at my headquarters in San Diego, CA.!

You don’t have to be dead to haunt someone. So I’d tread lightly with who’s spirit you ferociously invoke with your ignorance. It might possess your entire life and awaken demons you thought were sleeping. May God have mercy on your soul.
— Chey Mina